Monday, April 14, 2014

If you read my update post, you saw that our Blue Heeler Zoe was rehomed. With Zoe being deaf, she had many issues with aggression with things like food, being scared when she was approached since she didn't hear you coming, and trouble communicating with other dogs which often led to fights. We did the best we knew to do with her and kept her separated from our animals, but the final straw with that situation was when she got loose and attacked our rooster Big Red. Big Red is extra special to us since he was the very first animal we purchased when we decided we wanted to start the farm. He's also a super laid back rooster who doesn't mind being petted and never causes any trouble..just the type of guy you want watching over your hens! During the attack, Zoe tore his entire right wing off! It was such a horrible injury, and when we first found him he was bleeding out so fast that I thought the only option we had was to put him down. Thanks to quick thinking Dustin, Big Red was saved and has made it! It's been three weeks since his attack, and you can read all about his injury and how we treated him on the thread I started on when he was first hurt to get advice and suggestions on future care for our now one-winged rooster! Read all about him here: Big Red's wing torn off! Initial injury, treatment, and progress.

Below is a current picture of Big Red showing off his new one-wing physique-there's tons more posted on the link above. 

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