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The Jolly Farm is located in the upstate of South Carolina. We are on land that has been in Dustin's family for several generations, and use pastures originally fenced by his grandpa. We took what we had when we moved here (an old block building, some falling old fence posts, and rusty barbed wire) and have spruced things up to accommodate our animals (with the help of our awesome family of course). We have plans to do much more in the years to come. The whole goal of our farm is so we can be more self sustainable by gardening and using the products of our farm, as well as giving Dustin and I a wonderful hobby that we can enjoy together.

 I'm Kayla! I'm who will be doing the majority of the writing and picture taking on the blog. I'm a twenty-five year old fifth grade math teacher, and wife of that handsome fellow in the picture below :). I come from a long line of folks who love the outdoors, and was brought up with a great respect for all things nature. I have always loved animals especially. (Rare is a childhood photo of me without a kitten tucked under my arm)
Likes: taking pictures, reading, camping, fishing, cooking/baking, being crafty, and being on the farm!
Dislikes: cleaning up messes, thinking of things to say about myself

Dustin is a twenty six year old retail manager who generally winds up footing the bill for all that goes on around the farm. He too comes from a long line of outdoorsmen and farmers who helped instill his love of the outdoors.
Likes: Farming, hunting, backpacking, guns, camping, kayaking, cycling, running, grilling-just to name a few.
Dislikes: Yuppies (lol), traffic, the coyotes that roam around near the farm, sodas (he hasn't had a soft drink/ anything else with caffeine in 7+ years!!)

Dustin and I met well over a decade ago in our church's youth group. We went to church together for several years before I decided to let my secret crush on him out of the bag to some of our mutual friends. As they say..the rest is history. We started dating on June 25, 2004, moved onto the farm September 6, 2010, were engaged March 6, 2012, and  married on June 21, 2014, just four days before our 10 year anniversary. We have talked about our dream of having a farm as long as we've been together, and were so excited in February 2012 when we got 10 chickens to officially start our little hobby farm. The farm continues to grow, and we are excited to see what the future will bring!

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